February Wrap Up

wpid-img_20150228_171141.jpgDo I need more than this shirt to sum up this month? Or every month? Maybe not, but just in case:

For some reason, this February felt even faster than usual. I kept thinking we had more time before March. It snowed a lot, and I had a couple of snow days here and there which is always a good thing, but I couldn’t seem to find anything that really grabbed my attention fully. Plus, when I know I should be reading or doing homework for class, I end up feeling guilty when I’m not, so 9 times out of 10 what do I do? N o t h i n g.

I ended up finishing three books:

Wild by Cheryl Strayed
All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf.

Wild was by far my favorite, but I was pretty let down by Mrs. Dalloway. wanted to like it, but it was so dry, and skipped around so rapidly that by the time I knew what was going on and in whose mind, I was already three people behind. The language was really pretty, though, and so was the London setting.

I wrote more than I read this month, which is actually fine by me. I got pretty chatty on here in the absence of books to review, something I don’t usually do aside from making lists, but I really loved it! I talked about how important writing things in notebooks is for me, how to part with books, and why we should all love what we do before we expect other people to.

There were some fun lists on Bustle, too, mainly this one of 14 Books Leslie Knope Would Have on Her ShelvesI have so much fun putting these together, and the fact that the authors I include see them and get excited about being on those lists is SO WEIRD. In a good way, but still.

What was the best part of your February? What are you looking forward to in March? (Aside from WARM WEATHER!)


  1. I just started watching Parks and Rec on Netflix. I’ll have to give that list a look-over when I get to know Leslie better. Happy reading!

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