Stock Your Shelves: Book Blogger Edition

*GASP* Two posts in one day, who am I? But after yesterday consisting of a whole afternoon of other bloggers talking about blogs and people they love, I had to join in. It’s a Stock Your Shelves post: BLOGGER EDITION. I have some (kind of) new to me blogs that I’ve been following and some I’ve followed for ages, but might be new to you! So here we go: the greatest bloggers you will ever meet! (And bonus, there is no “worst”). The original inspiration for this comes from Shannon, who started us all off.

the greatest

New(ish) to me:

  • Andi at Estella’s Revenge. I was late to the game following Andi, who has been blogging about books for TEN YEARS, but I can see what I’ve been missing: she is so nice and down to earth, and I feel like she is the unofficial troop leader of book bloggers.
  • Sarah at Sarah’s Book Shelves. Sarah writes the most thoughtful reviews, and can always find something positive to say even if she doesn’t like something. Plus, her blog just got such a pretty makeover!
  • Naomi at Consumed by Ink. Naomi is so genuine, and has some really great reviews, but also really interesting posts, like this one comparing every cover of Anne of Green Gables.
  • Jen at The Relentless Reader. Another recent find, this one from Twitter, I think. Great reviews, great Twitter, and you should scope out both!
  • Kristi at Delightfully Kristi. Definitely my favorite lifestyle blog! Kristi is always inspiring me to switch up my style or try something new with my nails, plus she has so many cute DIY ideas. If you’re looking for some non-bookish blog reading, definitely check her out!
  • Leah at Books Speak Volumes. Leah has great taste in books, and is always introducing me to new and different books, even within genres I thought I might not like. AND she is all about the creative reviews.

“Old” Favorites:

  • Stacey at The Pretty Books. Stacey was one of the VERY FIRST books blogs I found/followed, but I will tell you what, I still love Pretty Books as much as I did that first day! Stacey posts artsy photos of books, which I love, and posts about literacy and the importance of reading along with her reviews/hauls.
  • Katie at Words for Worms. Speaking of firsts, Katie is the best, and WFW was another one of my very first favorite blogs. Also, it has since been discovered that we are spirit animals.
  • Shannon at River City Reading. If Andi is the troop leader, I would say Shannon is the wise, cool older sister of the book blog world. She is always up on what new books are good, and is probably talking about them in a completely unique way!
  • Cassie at Books and Bowel MovementsCassie has the most unique book discussions, and fills them with her own great writing. Plus, her News Day Tuesday posts have been my favorite thing since forever. Every book related article all in one place, you need it in your life!
  • Holly at Nut Free Nerd. Holly is so sweet, and somehow manages reading all the required high school books while maintaining one of my favorite blogs, and still finding time to read for fun. I don’t know how she does it, but I know I love it!

This is only a taste of some of the amazing people I’ve been following, so I’m thinking I/we need to make posts like these a regular thing! Who are some of your favorite new to you blogs?


  1. I love that you call Andi our troop leader and compare Shannon to a cool older sister. So true!

    Thanks for sharing my blog and for introducing me to some great new-to-me sites!

  2. Awww yissss, I don’t think I’ve ever been a cool older sister. My little sister has always been embarrassed of me (and probably rightfully so). Thanks so much for the shout-out.

    And I’m super excited to find a few new blogs here, too!

  3. Hello hello! I somehow missed you yesterday in all the #newbloglove hubbub. Very good to meet you and thanks for giving me even MORE content to fill my bursting Feedly.

    I would totally join Andi’s Book Scout troop.

  4. Thanks for putting me on your list, Amy. I’m in great company! I just followed a bunch of new blogs, then went to Shannon’s post and did the same thing. This was a nice idea – if I can get it together, I’m going to try to pass it on!

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