99 Problems and Books Are All of Them (But Here’s Ten)

Happy Tuesday! Once again getting back on the Top Ten Tuesday train. Maybe I just like that alliteration. Anyway, this week’s topic is Biggest Bookish Problems, which, when I first thought about it, didn’t think I even had. Books? Problems? No way. BUT, ALAS, once I put a little more thought into it, I actually do have a few book/blogging problems. At the risk of sounding like a whiny baby, here we go.

1. SPOILERS. I think this is the biggest problem in general, when a book that’s been reviewed constantly and talked about seemingly everywhere, gets ruined for you accidentally. I’ve been lucky so far, but Shannon at River City Reading wrote a great post about how we all can be a tad more conscious about the way we word our reviews!

2. NO. SPACE. I have piles of books…everywhere. While telling myself I will donate some or stop buying books until I finish some of the multitudes already residing on my straining shelves, it never seems to actually happen.


3. NEED FOR SPEED. One of the best things about blogging is finding books I would never have come across otherwise. But, (see #2), I accumulate books way faster than I can read them, and I end up either speeding through books or feeling rushed, and I’m here for the enjoyment! Sometimes it’s nice to remind myself of that.

4. BACK TO SCHOOL. I started class again in January and I am already sorely missing all my free reading time. I’m sure Mrs. Dalloway is great, but…I have SO many things I’d rather be reading.

5. YOU HAVE TO READ…: When you say this to the same people…over and over…they kinda stop listening. My one friend claims she needs a scroll to keep up with me and…she’s probably not wrong.

Okay, so, not 99. Not even 10. I love blogging and I love books, what can I say, I have few complaints! And that’s a good thing!

What are your biggest book/blogging problems?


  1. I laughed at your title – I’m increasingly feeling like books account for most of my problems right now. Which I guess is actually not something to complain about. Lucky me, in fact!

    I am with you on #1- it’s one of the things I think about most often when blogging. I sometimes think that I’m not writing long enough reviews but if I kept going I’d have to dive too far into plot and explain too much and those discussions are better for book club.

    And yeah, I’m fighting a losing space battle with my books. If my blog goes silent, it’s because I’m trapped under piles of books. Send help.

  2. School interferes with reading SO MUCH! It’s terrible, and honestly I think that in some of my classes I would learn more if I could just read by myself because we literally don’t do anything.

  3. I’m with you on the spoilers – it’s been bothering me more and more lately – and I loved Shannon’s post on sneaky spoilers. I thought We Are Not Ourselves was sneakily spoiled by lots of bloggers and there is a particular detail of My Sunshine Away that many people have included in reviews that was literally my favorite moment of the book when I found it out (I read it before lots of people were talking about it, so it was a surprise to me).
    Another spin-off of this that’s been driving me crazy lately is the amount of info the publisher includes in its blurbs…it’s becoming way too much! Sometimes 3 paragraphs! And – too many blurb details kind of killed a recent book for me that I think I would have liked otherwise.
    Great list!

  4. I have some of those problems, the bookshelves I bought last year are stuffed and books are stacked on top, I accumulate faster than I read. Like you I need to read.

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