Review: Saga Volume 1, by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

sagaI know I’m kind of late to the Saga party, but I’ve seen it around so. much. that I finally decided it was time. I finished Volume 1 this weekend and may have already bought Volume two. It’s science fiction and fantasy and humor and romance all in one and even if you aren’t a graphic novel person, don’t worry, neither was I. Then I met my boyfriend and it all went down (up) hill from there. Fun fact though, this time I recommended a comic to HIM.

Anyway. Saga takes place on different planets, when Marko and Alana give birth to their daughter Hazel. They are deserters from a seemingly endless war that has plagued entire galaxies for years, and so they are wanted for that, and for being together in general, and to top it all off, for bringing a mixed species baby into the world.

Along the way, we meet a Prince with a TV for a head, an incredibly sassy ghost girl turned nanny, a terrifying freelance soldier: The Stalk, who is part woman, part spider, and is definitely likely to give me nightmares. We also meet her competition: The Will, who has a cat who tells him when someone is lying.


Saga is really just a FUN book, you guys. It’s like walking around in someone’s imagination. Vaughan and Staples clearly love what they’re doing and have fun doing it. It’s weird and sarcastic and fun and supernatural and I can’t wait to pick up and read all of the other volumes as soon as I can. I didn’t think to put it in my resolution post but I want 2015 to be even more about reading graphic novels. They’re fun, they’re nice to look at, and I’ve been missing out for too long, clearly.


  1. Ha, I’m going to be even later to the Saga party! Maybe I’ll buy it if I see it somewhere cheap soon. Good thing about not reading it immediately is that you can binge on the other three volumes already out yet (:

      1. I really can’t wait – I’m so falling down the comics hole right now! Recently I’ve started Fables, Batman New 52, Batgirl, Ms. Marvel, Library Wars, and more that I’m forgetting. So excited for more!

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