Stock Your Shelves: November Releases

Happy Halloween! It seems it’s always time for another Stock Your Shelves post, but I can’t believe October is already over. Before we know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas time and time to debate over your favorite books of the year. I’m just not ready! Until then, though, here are some books for the final month of fall, and our last hope of nice weather before winter sets in.

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My Sister’s Grave – Robert Dugoni: Tracy Crosswhite has spent twenty years questioning the facts surrounding her sister Sarah’s disappearance and the murder trial that followed. She doesn’t believe that Edmund House—a convicted rapist and the man condemned for Sarah’s murder—is the guilty party. Motivated by the opportunity to obtain real justice, Tracy became a homicide detective with the Seattle PD and dedicated her life to tracking down killers. When Sarah’s remains are finally discovered near their hometown in the northern Cascade mountains of Washington State, Tracy is determined to get the answers she’s been seeking. As she searches for the real killer, she unearths dark, long-kept secrets that will forever change her relationship to her past—and open the door to deadly danger. (November 1)

Texts From Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations With Your Favorite Literary Characters – Mallory Ortberg: A whimsical collection of hysterical text conversations from your favorite literary characters. Everyone knows that if Scarlett O’Hara had an unlimited text-and-data plan, she’d constantly try to tempt Ashley away from Melanie with suggestive messages. If Mr. Rochester could text Jane Eyre, his ardent missives would obviously be in all-caps. And Daisy Buchanan would not only text while driving, she’d text you to pick her up after she totaled her car. (November 4)

Revival – Stephen King: Revival starts in a small New England town when a charismatic minister and his wife move to town and capture hearts and minds. Tragedy ensues, the minister rejects religion and flees the town, and a young boy spends decades trying to escape that period — becoming addicted to heroin and conjuring up his own demons along the way. When he meets the minister again, they form a dark pact. The action inRevival takes place over 5 decades. It is the kind of long, deep horror that is classic King. (November 11)

The Wild Truth – Carine McCandless: The spellbinding story of Chris McCandless, who gave away his savings, hitchhiked to Alaska, walked into the wilderness alone, and starved to death in 1992, fascinated not just New York Times bestselling author Jon Krakauer, but also the rest of the nation. But the real story of Chris’s life and his journey has not yet been told – until now. The missing pieces are finally revealed by Carine McCandless, Chris’s beloved and trusted sister. Featured in both the book and film, Carine has wrestled for more than twenty years with the legacy of her brother’s journey to self-discovery, and now tells her own story while filling in the blanks of his. (November 11)

Family Furnishings: Selected Stories, 1995-2014 – Alice MunroFamily Furnishings brings us twenty-four of Alice Munro’s most accomplished, most powerfully affecting stories, many of them set in the territory she has so brilliantly made her own: the small towns and flatlands of southwestern Ontario. Subtly honed with her hallmark precision, grace, and compassion, these stories illuminate the quotidian yet extraordinary particularity in the lives of men and women, parents and children, friends and lovers as they discover sex, fall in love, part, quarrel, suffer defeat, set off into the unknown, or find a way to be in the world. (November 11)

What are you excited to see this month? Favorites from October? I only just started but I’m loving Amy Poehler’s Yes Please! 


  1. Now that I’ve read ‘Salem’s Lot, I feel more prepared to tackle other Stephen King novels. So excited to hear of a new one coming out! Also, the Jane Eyre book sounds hilarious!

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