Movie Review: Gone Girl



I can still hear crazy neighbor Naomi Hawthorne screaming as Nick Dunne pleaded for the return of his wife. Gone Girl brought to life the 2012 bestseller by Gillian Flynn in a pretty much flawless way. It was so close to the book that I really can’t think of a single complaint or something I missed. Yes, it’s been two years since I’ve read it so maybe I’m forgetting something, but even so. *Spoilers below, for book and movie!*

Rosamund Pike completely killed it as Amy. I mean, wow. My friend looked over at me multiple times throughout to say how much she was creeping her out. She was seriously the perfect crazy Amazing Amy from the book. Ben Affleck was equally perfect, since his face is (beautiful, flawless) always looks a little smug, he brought Nick to life perfectly. His bumbling husband act was spot on. Neil Patrick Harris was weirdly great as Desi Collings, though it was strange seeing him play someone creepy and not being funny.

I think the movie was creepy in a different way than the book because you could see the look on Amy’s face as she plotted and connived against Nick, and everything that went into it. It took her craziness to an entirely new level for me. And the Desi Collings scene at the end was pretty horrifying. Not that I would know because I’m a baby and covered my eyes, but there were…sounds.

I will say that the end of the movie seemed to drag way more than it did in the book after Amy came back. There were several points when I thought it was over but it just. kept. going. I had read that the movie ending was different from the book, but it was pretty close, if not the same? I was glad. Any other ending just wouldn’t have worked with the rest of the story! Amy would have been bored with Nick in jail. Nick wouldn’t have wanted Amy actually dead, so it’s not like he would have killed her even once she came back. And finally, it’s not like he would get far in trying to leave, because Amy is always several steps ahead of him. If you’re still iffy on the end, Shannon at River City Reading wrote a great post defending the ending of Gone Girl!

The more I think about it, the more I realize how great both the movie and the book are! Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


  1. I loved the movie. I totally agree – Rosamund Pike killed it. My husband told me after that she reminded him of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. She was completely crazy (like a fox) and it was terrifying. I actually think that Ben Affleck is really a lot like Nick Dunne in real life so I’m not sure how much acting was involved but he was still good to watch. As far as movie adaptations go, this one was excellent!

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