My First Bloggiesta!

FallBloggiesta 2014

Every now and then I find myself seeing almost all of the blogs I follow posting about re-designing or updating or cleaning up their blogs during Bloggiesta, but I’ve never done one myself! I decided it was finally time to crack down and do some of the things I’m always wanting to do without making time for. So without further ado, a to do list:

  • Create a Facebook or Twitter page specifically for Read a Latte
  • Catch up on reviews
  • Start a review policy page!
  • Create a blog roll page

I feel like these are relatively big projects, so they might extend further than these couple of days, but progress is progress! What are some of your goals for Bloggiesta if you participate?


  1. I’m also participating in Bloggiesta for the first time! Catching up on reviews is definitely on my list as well, but more than individual reviews, I hope to write out the several drafts for discussion posts and other topics.

  2. I’ve still never officially done Bloggiesta- I hope your adventure is productive! You’ve got an ambitious list to tackle, I look forward to this review policy of yours :). (I like reading other people’s review policies. They amuse me. I am, apparently, easily entertained.)

  3. Happy first Bloggiesta! I participated earlier this year and it was so much fun – not to mention productive! Even though your goals are pretty big, they all seem quite manageable; I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting them done 🙂 I’m excited to see your review policy too! (It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to it…)

  4. I missed the Bloggiesta announcement, darn! I have a lot of blog maintenance to do but I guess I could do it anyway 🙂 Hope you have a fun first Bloggiesta! I finally put up a review policy after 4 years, lol. I’ll follow you on FB once your page is up 🙂

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