Bridge of Books and the Importance of Book Drives

Where I work, there is almost always come kind of charitable event being planned. There have been Ronald McDonald House nights, children’s cancer funds sponsored, and I’m sure tons of other things before I was a part of the company. Our current project is a book drive to benefit The Bridge of Books Foundation, a charity endorsing children’s literacy. (One guess whose idea that was.) The foundation collects and distributes books for children from toddler age to eighteen, and disburses them among struggling or at risk children in New Jersey.


The core belief of the foundation is that reading and having access to books should be a right, not a privilege, and does its very best to make sure children of all ages have books to grow up with. I think organizations like this one are so important, because the books you read as a child really do stay with you and impact your reading and learning and even your way of thinking, much later on in life. I came home today and my brother and I were talking about the books he read in elementary school and younger; they definitely stick!

We set up the flyers and donation boxes around the office, and I’m really hoping a lot of people participate in such a worthwhile cause. I know I have so many books not just on my own shelves, but in the basement and on old book shelves in the living room, that I could easily part with and will donate, as I’m sure many of us do. If you know of an organization like this one near you, I encourage you to reach into the depths of those shelves and share something you loved as a kid with a child one day soon! It seems like such a small thing, but it could mean so much in the end. I had to share the idea of this foundation, because it’s very near and dear (I would think) to all of us!

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