Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith


The Cuckoo’s Calling, the crime fiction/thriller from JK Rowling disguised as Robert Galbraith, follows Detective Cormoran Strike, a down on his luck war veteran turned Private Eye. Strike’s business is failing, he’s just left his fiancee, and death threats have become a normal part of his Monday mornings. When he is called in to re-investigate the suicide of supermodel Lula Landry, he has no choice but to accept; he has several debts to pay and no other jobs in sight. Hired by Lula’s brother, Strike believes that the young man has simply not accepted the death of his sister as a suicide, but agrees to investigate nonetheless. Before long, Strike and his new secretary, Robin, are uncovering new clues and evidence that someone out there does not want found.

I  was really hesitant to read this book ever since it was released, because JK Rowling writing something other than Harry Potter??? No. (I still have yet to touch The Casual Vacancy.) But once I started seeing all the glowing reviews from other bloggers, I thought maybe I should give it a shot.

Let me tell you, I’m so happy that I did. I was drawn in right away by Robin and her job search and Strike and his many struggles, monetary and personal. JK Rowling is best at painting portraits of characters so vividly that you feel like you know them yourself, and we have the pleasure of experiencing that talent again with Cuckoo’s Calling. Though it took quite some time to get the full back story on Strike, there were so many other unique characters throughout this twisted mystery that you couldn’t help but read on, confident you would find out soon enough. Probably the best example of Rowling’s character writing was Guy Some´. Extravagant and dramatic, Lula’s best designer friend had me laughing out loud with his dark, witty jokes.

I recently picked up The Silkworm, the second installment of Cormoran Strike adventures, and I’m excited to get into that next! Rowling also announced that she has more than seven Strike novels planned, so there’s no time like the present to get on board.

I’ve definitely been on a mystery kick this summer, but even if you haven’t, or you’ve been hesitant like I was to try some non-Harry Potter JK Rowling, you should reconsider and give The Cuckoo’s Calling a try!


  1. I’m really glad that you ended up enjoying it! Would have been terrible if you didn’t! You should give The Casual Vacancy a try. I think you’d like it – as you say, Rowling is at her best with character portraits!

  2. I’ve been in full HP immersion the past few weeks re-visiting the audio books. I thought The Casual Vacancy was good but I hesitated when it came to this series because mysteries aren’t usually my thing. That said, it’s JK Rowling. If anybody could hook me with a mystery, she could.

    1. I’ve never listened the HP audio books! I’ve been saying I want to re-read the books though, so that might be a good alternative!

      It starts of a LITTLE bit slowly, but Cuckoo’s Calling is definitely worth trying even if mysteries aren’t usually your thing!

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