Review: Mr. Mercedes, by Stephen King


Eighty percent of success is just showing up.

Mr. Mercedes, the newest release from one Stephen King, is a crime thriller following Bill Hodges, a retired detective (Det. Ret.) who has lost all sense of meaning in his life. When a letter shows up from the one killer he could never catch, Hodges throws retirement to the wind, determined to catch the unscrupulous Mr. Mercedes, a twisted masked man who drove a grey Mercedes full speed ahead into a group of poverty stricken people waiting for a job fair to open, killing eight and wounding far more. Joining Hodges along the way is an amazingly memorable cast of characters, my favorite of which is Jerome Robinson: Hodges’ trusty neighbor and frequent computer consultant.

The reader knows who the Mercedes killer is within the first ten pages, and it was so interesting to see the way the mind of a killer worked in contrast with the mind of the detective trying his hardest to catch him. It says a lot about Hodges’ experience as a detective that he knew just what Mr. Mercedes was thinking a large percent of the time, sometimes even before he thought it himself. Some of these thoughts were terrifying, and others were just twisted and icky for lack of a better word. However, it was hard not to feel just a twinge of sympathy for Mr. Mercedes, learning about his childhood and where his strange set of beliefs stemmed from.

Janey and Holly were two more standout characters, really coming to life as the book progressed, and I was so happy with Holly’s contribution to the Mr. Mercedes man hunt, mainly because her infuriating mother never gave her an ounce of confidence or reason to think she could amount to anything.

Though it strays from his usual horror genre writing, Mr. Mercedes is a great read that will keep you turning the pages, waiting in suspense to see if the Mercedes Killer will be taken down, and if so, will it be before he strikes again. Definitely recommend, to King’s long time fans and new comers alike. I’ve heard that this is the first is a projected trilogy, and I’m looking forward to reading more about the adventures of Hodges, Jerome, and Holly, one of the most unlikely, but best loved, crime fighting teams in a long time.

Are you a Stephen King fan? I’ve only read a few, but have loved them all. Which do you recommend?


  1. I didn’t love this book because I thought it was a bit more predictable than most of King’s books, but I was impressed by the way he captured the Mercedes killer’s thoughts. Very creepy, but as you point out, also a little sympathetic.

  2. Mr Mercedes is a great read! I also really like Lisey’s Story, Misery, and The Shining. Lisey’s Story is hit or miss for many people, although it’s my favourite. I’d definitely recommend The Shining if you haven’t read it already (:

    1. I have The Shining, but haven’t read it yet! I also want to read Bag of Bones. The ones I have read, (Joyland, 11/22/63) weren’t really his horror novels, and I want to try one of those!

      1. It’s really good! And perfect if you’re craving some horror. Can’t wait to read Doctor Sleep myself, since that’s a sequel of sorts for The Shining. I haven’t read Bag of Bones yet, but it’s on my list. If you’re feeling really ambitious, IT is one of the best horror books I’ve ever read

  3. I love Stephen King haha, I think I would recommend Duma Key and hmm also Lisey’s Story but I think Lisey’s Story maybe takes a few other books of King before you really like it 🙂

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