Venturing Into Literary Disco: Where Books go to Dance



Being the nerd that I am, when I’m not reading or listening to a book, I’m usually listening to a podcast. This is a new-ish hobby of mine, that began with Welcome To Nightvale (which has sucked me in and has yet to release me from it’s jaws), and has recently continued with the absolutely hilarious Literary Disco. Hosted by Rider Strong, Julia Pistell, and Tod Goldberg, listeners join in for literary criticism, games, and a lot of laughing.

If anyone was a Boy Meets World fan, you’ll recognize Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, and get some fond BMW memories along the way as well. I was pleasantly surprised in my listening the other day to find that Will Friedle, aka Eric from Boy Meets World joined the original three hosts for an episode as the “Fantasy Correspondent.” Julie Pistell, according to the introduction is an essayist and radio personality, and Tod Goldberg is an author and literary critic. The three of them together make the funniest book club you’ll ever be a part of.

Each episode opens with a bookshelf revisit or bookshelf roulette, where they all pick a book and…you got it, revisit it. They talk about why they loved it or why they recently re-read it, and more often than not it leads to me adding yet another book to the pile of books I want to read. Following the re-visit is the main even of the podcast, the discussion of the chosen book. They are extremely open to all genres and forms, and seriously read and discuss something for everyone. From The Fault in Our Stars, to The Pillars of the Earth to short stories about animals attacking humans, they are nothing if not diverse readers. Finally, many episodes end with a game: Klassics Korner (with two k’s), Judge a Book By It’s Cover, and Poet Voice.

I can’t get enough of Literary Disco, and have been thoroughly enjoying skipping around through the episodes as I catch up. I’m almost done though, and will be lost when I have to wait two weeks between episodes! Do you listen to podcasts, bookish or otherwise? Have any recommendations??


  1. I absolutely love the name Literary Disco. I totally see people dressed up as their favourite characters doing the boogie.

    The podcast sounds pretty great, I’ll have to check it out. I spend a lot of time on trains, and I can’t always read on them, so having something to listen to would be nice

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