Books on a Budget Volume Two: E-Book Edition

A week or two ago I wrote about the ways to collect books without breaking the bank, which I enjoyed, and which other people seemed to enjoy a bit too. Then, this week in a fit of office boredom I started scoping out Barnes & Noble’s Nook books and Kindle’s Daily Deals and realized that there are some really good books on there for much cheaper than I would’ve thought. Which brings us to now: a second list of ways to save money on books – scouring the endless lists of cheap e-books to find the needle in the haystack.

Young Adult Fiction:

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, by Jenny Han (Nook – $2.99) 

Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo (Kindle – $2.99), (Nook – $2.99)

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S Lewis (Nook – $1.99) 

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer (Kindle – 2.99)

The Selection, by Kiera Cass (Kindle – $2.99)


The Good Luck of Right Now, by Matthew Quick (Nook – $2.99)

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill (Kindle – $1.99) 

The Perfume Collector, by Kathleen Tessaro (Nook – $1.99)

Three Wishes, by Liane Moriarty (Nook – $1.99) 

Hollywood, by Charles Bukowski (Kindle – $1.99) 

These are just a few that stood out to me personally, but I will say I bought and finished To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and finished it pretty quickly, and The Good Luck of Right Now is probably up next since I can’t wait to see what Matthew Quick’s writing is all about. For more Nook books, you can look here, and for more Kindle deals you can look right here!

I know e-books are a common thing (obviously), but I don’t know, I was pretty pleasantly surprised by how cheap some of these were, especially some of the newer titles. I don’t usually look for e-book titles because I find that some of them are so close to the regular price that I would rather have the physical copy as usual ANYWAY.

Have you read any of these?

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