My First Graphic Novel: Civil War, by Mark Millar



Hey guys! I recently read my first comic book/graphic novel. I’m not too much into comics themselves, but I’ve always loved the Marvel superhero movies, and my boyfriend is basically Marvel’s number one fan so I figured why not expand my horizons?

In this “comic event” (kind of dramatic if you ask me), innocent children die at the hands of mock superheroes. Outraged parents speak up, and the federal government tries to force all superheroes to register and be a part of the governmental system. Tony Stark is all in favor of this action, while Captain America just wants things to stay the way they’ve always been. The rest of the heroes pick sides, and brutal fighting ensues.

I hadn’t known what to expect as I went into this. I’d only just read my first comic book (based on Dexter, yes, but it counts), and ended up really liking it. I particularly liked the art telling the story rather than the words. As a reader/English major, I’m so used to reading into the words themselves for meaning/symbols, etc, etc, but with this the story was all up front, and aided by the pictures. My favorite was the various covers for each story involved. It was also bizarre seeing the “good guys” fighting against each other, rather than against some type of villain.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this one, especially if you’re not someone who is typically a fan of comic books. I had just recently seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and was looking for more Marvel in my life, so it worked out well for me. But even if not, scope it out, it will likely surprise you!


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