Top Ten Tuesday: Be Mine Edition



Happy Tuesday! It’s raining here, and it’s kind of a gloomy day, so why not join The Broke and the Bookish in shopping online and making a list of all the book related things I would love to have?


Poe-ka Dots Phone Case, from Out of Print Clothing.




Banned Books Tote Bag, also from Out of Print Clothing



Sherlock’s Study scented Candle, from Etsy



The Great Gatsby sweatshirt, again from Out of Print Clothing



I Brake for Book Sales license plate frame, from Cafe Press



A Tree Grows in Brooklyn closing lines print, from Etsy



Tree Bookshelf, from an unknown place but a picture I saw and loved.



What’s on your wishlist this spring?


  1. That tote bag would be so handy, right?! Imagine having it for library trips! (My arms are always breaking, I mean, I COULD take a bag, but haha, that would be too easy. XD) My TTT!

  2. I love that Great Gatsby sweatshirt! I put it on my list, too. And that phone case is awesome! I love Etsy and Café Press- you never know what you’ll find there. Great list!

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