Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Never Want to Trade Places With


Happy Tuesday! Can you believe January is almost over? I feel like I was just wrapping up 2013 and the first month of 2014 has already come and gone! This Tuesday, The Broke and the Bookish are discussing the characters they’d never want to switch places with, and as always, I’m here to put my two cents in.


1. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. She pops to mind before anyone else. I could never survive in the arena, and I would never be able to kill people and keep myself and the guy I loved alive. NEVER.

2. A from Everyday. Waking up each morning as a new person, not being able to get to know or make connections with people and not understanding anything about your own life…no thank you.

3. Anyone from a Nicholas Sparks novel: Someone you love is going to die/something tragic will happen soon. Same kinda goes for John Green novels…

4. Tris from Divergent. I, like Four, wouldn’t want to be “just one thing,” nor would I be able to be Dauntless OR fight a revolution.

5. Kathy H. from Never Let me Go. Growing up being RAISED FOR PARTS. Heartbreaking.

6. Leisel from The Book Thief because of every possible reason.

7. Lina from Between Shades of Gray. Another completely heart breaking WWII story I could never be a part of.

I can’t really think of worlds I wouldn’t want to be a part of! All that comes to mind are characters I would LOVE to trade places with!

Who would you never want to trade places with?

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