12 Bookish Gift Ideas

Since Black Friday is a mere three days away and the joy (horror) that is Christmas shopping is upon us once again, I put together a list of some (12 to be exact) suggestions for what to get the book lovers in your life this holiday season, because a Barnes and Noble gift card is too easy!

1. Book ends. I know, I know. Book ends seem like the boring gift your distant aunt might give you, but they can be fun if you just find the right ones. Like this So Many Books book end from The Literary Gift Company. I wouldn’t mind waking up Christmas morning to find this entire website under my tree, but it looks like they are based in the UK and prices and shipping are in pounds so be wary of that!


2. A literary blanket. What better way to curl up with a book than under a blanket about booksBarnes and Noble sells these for about $40 and I highly recommend one. I got one of these bad boys for my birthday in June and have been using it ever since. It has the opening lines of famous novels all the way down it and is SO warm. They’ve also come out with a red and white A Christmas Carol edition, which is perfect for the holidays.

3. Reading is sexy tote bagBecause, let’s be real, it is. OR if you like the saying but aren’t crazy about the bag, you can also check out this mugImage

4. Marks the Plot coastersPerfect for holiday entertaining!

5. Scrabble Magnetic TilesThey can have fun making their grocery list, or write the first line of the next great American novel.


6. Literary FlaskFor those on your list who might like a drink with their book. Cafe Press also offers a LOT of other options as well.


7. The Great Gatsby T-Shirt: I’d say this is a great gift, old sport.

8. BOOKOPOLY: I’m not one for board games but I would absolutely love this one!


9. Bathtub Book CaddyIf you or someone you know is like me and hate getting your books wet or damaged (and who doesn’t, really) but can’t put your book down, this book holder is perfect. Warm up from the bitter cold with a bubble bath and a book.

10. Jane Austen bandages: Reading is dangerous. 


11. Shakespearean Insults Mug: Is there a better way to insult people?

12. Personal Library KitThere is nothing worse than lending someone a book and never getting it back. This library kit will let you keep track of you who lend books to.


Happy shopping!

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