Five bookish things to do this Spring

The nice weather finally seems like it’s here to stay, and many people may be feeling less inclined to sit inside with a book. I certainly don’t blame you! To help with this, I put together a list of my favorite book and coffee related activities to do in the spring.

1. Grab a friend and catch up over coffee. One of the great things about Philly is that there is almost always somewhere new to try out. Whether you like your coffee hot, iced, caf or decaf, this list has somewhere for everyone. With most places offering outdoor seating as well, it’s a great way to enjoy the sunny weather.

2. Go to a book sale. One of the best places to find great books for a low price (aside from second hand book stores of course) is book sales. Running at different libraries, churches, and yard sales, you never know what you could find. Coming up April 26-27 is The Book Corner’s Big Book Sale. Known as Philadelphia’s longest running outdoor book event, the Big Book Sale will feature thousands of books, all for $2.00 or less. A great way to get outside, walk around the city, and stock up on great beach reads for the summer!

3. Spring clean! Though it may not be one of the most fun options, if you visit book stores as frequently as I do, it results in an unreal amount of books. All of those “meh” books you know you’ll never read again, or that one you got for Christmas years ago and never  got around to (and never will) could be put to much better use. Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and libraries all take donations of books, and love them! Get rid of your clutter and help someone in need this Spring!

4. Attend the 6th annual Philadelphia Book Festival. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but National Library week starts today and goes through April 20. In honor of this, Philly is hosting events at all 54 of its libraries. The events and speakers have been finalized, and you can find more information and something for everyone here.

5. Go outside! After you clean out your book shelves and of course, buy replacements whether at a book store or book sale, enjoy the weather from your own back yard. As Francie Nolan showed us from her fire escape in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, a great book can be enjoyed anywhere.

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