The Last Word’s Larry Maltz shares his love of books

Continuing my exploration of local book stores, I discovered the Last Word Bookshop, owned by Larry Maltz, a Philadelphia native book lover with a passion for what he does. I got to talk to him about his store, favorite books, and what he thinks about the future of small book businesses. The Last Word has over 60,000 books covering a wide range of subjects, and buys and trades books as well. The shop also has long hours, perfect for students or people who work late hours: they’re open from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Who: Larry Maltz

What: The Last Word Bookshop

Where: 200 S. 40th St. Philadelphia, Pa 19104

How did you get into the book business? I worked in other bookstores for years. I started in my 20’s working for other stores before opening my own place.

Favorite part of working in a book store? Larry laughs before responding. “There’s nothing I don’t like about it. I get to be surrounded by books and book lovers all day. Every day is a pleasure!”

Favorite Book? People ask me this all the time and I never have an answer, so we can skip this one. I’ve read thousands of books, I wouldn’t even be able to pick a favorite topic let alone book. I probably couldn’t narrow it to a top 500.

How long have you been involved with books and book stores?  Over ten years.

What do you think about the future of small bookstores like yours? Oh we’re fine, things like e-readers and Barnes and Noble aren’t affecting us.

Any other bookstores you’d recommend? There’s a real good one up in the Fairmount area, called The Bookhaven

the last word

Photo via Daniel Kov

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